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I will sell a peat briquette 6 200 грн.
We produce and sell peat briquettes
Single-hull plow 25 cm. For walk-behind tractor 6 670 грн.
A good helper for your garden, a large selection of attachments. Manufacturer Wirax Country of manufacture Poland Grip width 200 mm Depth
NPK BioDestructor Plantonit. 10l 1 732 грн.
Plantonit Destructor - a complex (soil - fertilizer) activator of the process of destruction, humification and mineralization.
Plantonit AminoFit is a unique complex liquid fertilizer for seed treatment.
LinAmin Plantonit 10l - anti-stress 2 099 грн.
Plantonit LinAmin is a complex anti-stress drug to increase plant resistance to damage from low / high temperatures.
Energy Plantonit 10л 2 135 грн.
Plantonit Energy is an energy fertilizer for gaining vegetative mass and increasing plant resistance to stressful situations.
Grain (Cereal) Plantonit 10l 1 898 грн.
Plantonit Grain is a highly effective fertilizer containing a balanced set of macro- and microelements.
KaliMega (Potassium Mega) Plantonit 10l 2 207 грн.
Plantonit KaliMega is a highly effective potassium fertilizer with nitrogen.
Turbo Nitrogen Plantonit 20L 2 400 грн.
Turbo Nitrogen - Liquid concentrated nitrogen fertilizer is designed to effectively eliminate nitrogen deficiency in the early stages of plant development.
Potassium humate Plantonit 20l 2 117 грн.
Plantonit Humate is a highly concentrated potassium humate with microelements, made of high-quality Leonardite and peat.
Faba (Beans) Plantonit 10l 1 970 грн.
Plantonit Faba is a complex-balanced fertilizer developed taking into account the nutrient requirements of legumes.
Frumentum (Corn) Plantonit 10l 1 919 грн.
Plantonit Frumentum - a unique complex fertilizer for foliar feeding of plants such as corn, sorghum.
Oleum (Oil) Plantonit 10 l 1 955 грн.
Plantonit Oleum - a special fertilizer designed to fertilize crops such as sunflower, winter rape, spring rape, mustard.
Herbas (Vegetable) Plantonit 10 l 1 948 грн.
Plantonit Herbas is a highly effective, complex fertilizer based on a special set of amino acids and seaweed extract.
Photosynthesis (Photosynthesis) Plantonit 10l 2 164 грн.
Plantonit Photosynthesis – provides plants with the essential nutrients necessary for optimal operation of the photosynthetic apparatus.
Radix (Root) Plantonit 10l 2 063 грн.
Plantonit Radix is ​​a liquid fertilizer to stimulate the growth and development of the root system of plants.
Molybdenum Plantonit 10l 2 891 грн.
Plantonit Molybdenum is a liquid fertilizer for the prevention of molybdenum deficiency in plants.
Introduction of PPE with the help of agrodrones
Services for introduction of PPE with the help of unmanned agricultural drones
Peat from the manufacturer.
Direct deliveries of mineral fertilizers from factories in Ukraine and abroad. We offer: AMMONIUM NITRATE CARBAMIDE KAS NPK
We sell on a permanent basis, one of the most reliable greenhouse films in the world VATAN
Fertilizer application by drone 350 грн.
We provide a field treatment service with special drones. In practice, we have already seen that it is economical, safe and effective!

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